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It's not the heat; it's the humidity

Stopping over KL before the big storm.

semi-overcast 28 °C

On our first day we arrived at Melbourne airport for an 11am flight, though after we boarded the plane it was delayed an hour due to mechanical problems (this wasn't encouraging from a budget airline carrier) and so it became a 8 1/2 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. The flight wasn't packed so we were able to stretch our legs and sleep for most of the Journey.

Getting off the plane was like walking into a steam pot of stickiness. It was cloudy but humid as hell. After we arrived at LCCT airport around 6pm we set ahead for duty free to pick up a carton of smokes, which cost roughly around $30AUD, equivalent to 2 packets of smokes.

A prepaid taxi coupon to KLCC cost 75 rinnget and took roughly 45 mins. They're good for stopping taxi touts, though they are generally more expensive then just hailing a cab off the street. Be weary and don't forget to say you want a budget taxi, or the ladies will automatically give you a luxury one. You can also get a return train ticket for about the same price as the taxi or even a shuttle bus to KL Sentral for about 19RM.
On the way we saw palm trees...and people on scooters wearing their jackets backwards going no faster then 70km on the highway... I especially enjoyed the female Muslim taxi Drivers beeping at each other. Asians and their honking and Beeping. I'll never get it.
Finally arriving at our Hotel, we were given our room on the 17th Floor. The view is amazing though the room did look a little bit dated and has itchy furniture. The night was still young and we were hungry so we walked to Suria KLCC (One of their big shopping complexes just across from us, under the Twin Towers) to grab a bite. Ended up at Madam Kawns's restaurant which serves Malaysian food. Because Malaysia is predominately a Muslim country, don't expect to find any Pig products. I had some Nasi Bojari which is an Indonesian royal rice served with assam prawns, beef rendang and a deep fried chicken drumstick. Not too keen on the beef rendang, all I could taste was salt. Luke had Nasi Lemak - coconut milk rice with hot spicy anchovies, pickled vegetables, hard boiled egg, curry chicken and cucumber. As it was relatively cheap there was no complaints.
Exhausted, we walked back to the hotel and called it a day.

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10 days till China

sunny 28 °C

I thought I would just start a travel blog.
I don't think my ipads memory or the memory cards will suffice the video and photo content we are about to take.

Since the great firewall of China blocks all Social Networks too, thought this would be a good way to communicate my travels.

Enjoy and we'll see you soon


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